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Kevin Berk

Welcome to ideaitis

Hi there, my name is Kevin J. Berk and I am the founder of ideaitis.  The basic reason for the creation of this site was to share all the ideas I have had over the years of which I don’t have the time or domain expertise to pursue.  Let’s put it this way, my goal is to not die with any ideas in my head.  I asked a friend a few years ago to give some thought to a domain that would represent all the ideas that I can’t stop from coming to me and she said, “you have ideaitis”, thanks Je’re…..

I have other ideas that I am pursuing and will be happy to share those as well when the time is right, but suffice it to say, I am actively working on them.

Who is Kevin J. Berk – I am a single dad of 4 (yes 4) amazing kids, Zoe, Harli, Zen and Jett.  I am an entrepreneur (Co-Founder and El Presidente of along with my brother Kent who is a local attorney ( and my mother Joyce.  I am an angel investor with investments in:,,, (board member) and Scottsdale Inventions.
I am a former securities broker and ended my previous securities life in 1999 with no particular  foresight….

I also co-created an entrepreneurial class at ASU that instead of learning about starting a company, we actually start, build and run one…. 

I am formerly (2007-2009) Co-President of the PTO at Kiva Elementary.Kevins Family

I am a card carrying member of Kolbe – 5482 (the 8 represents a high quick start).  I am an 8 quick start on paper, but a 12 in reality!!!  See

I was also in Strategic Coach (via my mentor David Dewar) which is an entrepreneurial coaching program created by Dan Sullivan,

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