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Kevin Berk

Auto History

Saturday, May 9, 2009
posted by kjberk

I want to create a hardware/software package that tracks every aspect of a cars life, i.e. when the oil was changed, tires replaced, warranty work, etc. etc.  I mean how many times have you been told that someone changes their oil every 3,000 miles, but in reality who knows.

All of these items would have to be conducted by a certified shop (think ASE certified) and once the service is performed and the owner of the auto “signs off” on the repairs, it is hard coded into the cars memory.

Think carfax for your cars entire history.

As a car buyer you could log in and see exactly when, what, etc. has been done to the car.

The value of a car could be much higher truly based on how well you maintained it.

Challenge:  do it yourself’ers, how do you track what they have done.  Not sure how to crack that nut….

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