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Saturday, May 9, 2009
posted by kjberk

The basic concept is this:  You want to get a degree from ASU, but some of the best teachers in your field teach at other schools.

You can take other classes from other schools and some credits and grades transfer, while others do not. However, that info as to what credits transfer, etc. is not readily available online and there is no system in place to assist you in creating your own “custom” degree.  Your degree would only play a limited role as related to who you took your classes from.  Oh, I see that you took D. Quinn Mills leadership class at HBS and …..

In this day and age of technology, we should be able to choose ASU and then do a worldwide search on what classes transfer to ASU towards your degree.

So let’s say I want a business degree from ASU and when I see that I need to take Business Ethics, I can see what classes are offered at ASU and then immediately see what classes are offered all around the world that transfer to ASU for credit.  Obviously, I am talking about mostly online classes as it would be challenging to physically travel around the world to take individual classes.

But think about what a great well rounded education that you could get from this concept.

Barriers to entry:  Ridiculous, have you ever dealt with public education, URGH!!!

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  1. Paul Winandy says:

    Check out Fred Wilson at Union Square Ventures

    Fred is currently researching startup ideas that will “hack” the current educational system. He just hosted a conference on the subject and your idea was in line with their thinking. Here are some posts on their thinking and the conference.



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