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Kevin Berk

Medicine bottle labels that change color

Saturday, May 9, 2009
posted by kjberk

Problem:  You go to your medicine cabinet and realize that the medication you were about to take has expired.

I would like to see labels degenerate and give visual indicators as to when the medicine will expire.  For example; if the medicine expires in 30 days the label turns red, notifying you that you will need to replace it soon.  When it is expired, the label would turn black rendering it impossible to read the instructions and you would be required to replace it (drug companies will be lovin me…).

So now you would just take a quick glance at your medicine bottles  and you know “their status”.

2 Responses to “Medicine bottle labels that change color”

  1. emmett says:

    does anyone know of a product like this?

  2. kjberk says:

    Hey Emmett, I don’t know of anything out there, but would love to hear if you do, or if you know someone who can make it.

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